Is Bach Flower Therapy suitable for children?

Yes, absolutely. Bach Flower Essences are 100% safe, side effects free therapy that is very helpful for children of all ages from babies to young adults. According to the Code of Conduct at the Bach Center, a therapeutic session for children under sixteen is conducted in the presence of one parent. All notes are saved five years after a child turns eighteen, so as a child's guardian you can any time order a copy of the records I take through the session. For smaller children, you'll need to help them administrate their Bach Flower Essences drops intake from a mixing bottle four times a day for as long as the bottle lasts, usually for about three weeks.

Please feel free to contact me through the contact page on this website if you have any questions or need additional information and I will be back to you shortly with details.
Make sure you include your best mail address and a phone with international dial codes if you live outside of Sweden.

Does Bach Flowers work for pets?

Yes, of course, even horses or wild animals. The challenge will be to translate the emotional state of the animal and its personality into the language of Bach Flower Essences. If you are a conscious pet owner and know that your pet needs are met, but you see undesired behaviour, as, jealousy, manipulation, or known fear like car travel, fireworks it shall be easy to help your pet with Bach Flower Essences alcohol free formula.
However, in more complicated cases, I will be happy to discuss the matter of your pet with your animal behaviourist/psychologist as not always we as owners can understand in details stress of the animal correctly.
Please feel free to message me via the contact form and we can discuss your case.

Can I secretly give the Bach Flower Essences to my life partner or child without a session with you? I know they will benefit but may not be open to discuss their issues.

No, and even if you can order the essences you want to give to your relatives elsewhere, this is an unethical way to deal with their situation. The part of the therapy is understanding of the blocked or negative states of the essences that cause the emotional imbalance. No drops shall work without proper consultation with the Bach Flower Essences Practitioner as a person may not perceive it as a problem being too angry, manipulative or demonstrating other unpleasant emotions.
As we live on the planet of a free choice, the option of addressing the issue or not is up to each, not their relatives.

Confidentiality and GDPR

As a Swedish based business, we follow GDPR. While our website is under construction, I'll be updating it with more details about your data protection and how I collect and store your data.
I never share your data or information about you with any other third party. At the same time, the responsibility for your data protection shared on social media and digitally, even in private messages or emails, is partly in the hands of the media, Google if you mail my Gmail, Site123 digital platform that is hosting my website etc.
Without your permission, I never share any information about you. There is only one exception: if through our session you make me concern about your safety or safety of someone else around you, it is my obligation by the Code of Conduct I follow as a Bach Flower Essences Practitioner, to inform your doctor or social services.

When booking your first therapy sessions, you will have a handout with detailed information with all practical information about the upcoming session, so you have the right expectations.

You can read the whole version of the Code of Conduct below:
If you have any questions and concerns, you are very welcome to share them with me, and I will do my best to answer them.