About me

About me
A warm welcome to Marina's Bach Flower Therapy!

My name is Marina, and I'm a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, who successfully completed Level 1, 2 & 3 training in London with the Bach Centre, the originator of the flower essences therapy that was founded by the British physician, Dr Edward Bach for nearly a hundred years ago.

As a certified and Sustainable Stress Management Coach, I'm working with stress prevention and rehabilitation in Sweden since 2011. I look continuously for the best and innovative holistic practices to permanently manage stress, help depressions, free children from fears. I studied and practised many helpful methods, yet I wasn't satisfied until I emerged in the wisdom of Bach Flower Essences that when practised correctly create a permanent change from lasting imbalance to balance, regardless of circumstances. That's why I have chosen to study the system in depth: to help myself, my family and to lead others to self-healing and a better life.

I firstly tried in 2005 while living in Pakistan. While Bach Flowers are very popular in the countries who have a long history of holistic culture, flower essences work is in its initial stages in Sweden. It means I work not only with the clients as a Practitioner, but devote a lot of time to the business development, translating the value of the holistic, sustainable, organic products and choice for stress and skin care to my customers and new markets.

Being the second entirely educated and registered Practitioner in Sweden and the first one in Russia means I practically work with the product development and awareness, marketing, customer needs and insights. I am thrilled that eco and organic trends are growing strong and more and more people choose holistic products and therapies. Yet, it a long way to go for making them mainstream and well-known.

My diploma was a beautiful journey of self-healing. I'm deeply grateful to all my clients who trusted me as a trainee, witnessed and embraced the healing energy of the Bach Flowers essences, returned for more, to deepen the healing, seeing the benefits of the holistic, non-toxic system from nature that helps with stress management from A to Z.

All of my clients came back for a new session or ordered a new bottle of individually selected Bach Flower Essences, some invested in the entire kit and are on my waiting list for the training in self-stress management I plan for this summer.

As a food quality expert, I choose the best methods for my clients, and now I have that missing bit of a puzzle for people who are looking for the holistic and sustainable treatment that lasts without being dependent on unlimited sessions to feel good. Immediate stress is natural to help, and I teach my clients committed to the system this simple yet powerful holistic approach for the self-help. Immediate anxiety or fear is easy to balance.

Deeply rooted issues and post-trauma requires a time to restore. It's individual from case to case. In the Bach system, we don't treat diseases or diagnose: Bach Flowers Essences act as a catalyst for the natural inner-balance that allow our energy to flow from the negative state to the positive.

Bach Flower range covers nearly 293 million specific combinations of emotional balance. This allows us to balance emotions of all kind from the negative state to the positive in a sustainable, way.

Bach Flower Essences Quality

There are a few ranges and producers of the Bach Flower Essences. I work with the Healing Herbs brand that is organic. I also hold a Master degree in Food Quality Control and prepare the individual mix for my clients with top quality organic stock essences and high-quality water. The original blend contains a tiny dose of alcohol (max sixteen drops of 27% alcohol diluted in 30 ml of water: safe in any circumstances.
For children, pets and people who avoid alcohol entirely, there is a non-alcoholic glycerin formula available. Soon the essences will be available for ordering in my webshop (coming soon!) So far, please contact me to order the Bach Flower Essences.

Why I do this work

Since my childhood, I was fascinated by healing abilities of plants and learned about Dr Bach Flower Essences from a Sufi Teacher and a homoeopath who has treated me from severe depression while I was a corporate expat spouse who lived a life of constant compromises. Through my expat life in Lahore, Pakistan, I have found my purpose and studied yoga, homoeopathy, flower essences from people who grew up with yoga, treated thousands of patients and opened up my heart and brain for spiritual growth and helping others naturally.

Today, a memory of my Teacher, I'm continuing a heart-centred healing work, started by Dr Bach and successfully practised by Dr Habib ur Rehman to the benefit of all people and animals who found balance relief from stress and negative emotions through safe and sustainable healing with nature.

A unique system of thirty-nine essences, discovered by Dr Bach covers the nearly endless number of individual combinations for emotional balance and is a complete system of holistic stress management, preserved from modifications by Bach Centre in the UK.

I live in Southern Sweden and work internationally, online in English, Russian and Swedish with a possibility of face to face consultations in Lund, Malmo, Åhus and Copenhagen.

This summer I'm starting my first workshops in a beautiful Alnarp garden at SLU.
My online self-help stress management training in English is in the pipeline, feel welcome to follow my work on Facebook @MarinasBachFlowerTherapy to see my updates and events.

Intercultural Stress Management Sustainable Way

I have first-hand experience and understanding of intercultural challenges, that is very specific and not clear for those who never lived outside of monoculture. I provide expatriate stress management to expat spouses and their families, cooperating with global relocation, corporate HR mobility and NGO's and provide on-demand career orientation for expat spouses.

I ground my work is in Bach Flower Therapy that is the most effective way to gain lost emotional balance and restore energy that most of the people on the move miss. I find Bach Flower system as a missing puzzle of holistic, universal stress management, easy to manage for a client, safe and effective for children, animals and even plants.

When appropriate I use mindfulness, classical stress management, cognitive and crisis sessions and "Juggling for Life" methodology, I studied from Deborah Mattsson Clarke. In my practice, I also use bright light therapy, guided meditations with brain waves, classical Hatha Yoga and The Twelve Chakra Yoga as energy management.

Who are my clients

I work with people of all walks of life, including children and babies. As a repatriate who lived in five countries and a former corporate expat spouse, I have a passion for supporting people in the global transition, an emotionally challenging journey that remains misunderstood by the world that rapidly goes global.

All the methods I use in my work I have been practised for many years myself, and it helps me to suggest the most effective tools for my clients' specific needs. Among my clients are business owners, corporate executives, students, housewives, pensioners and teenagers and many women, who sacrificed their own careers to the favour of the corporate world and rediscovering themselves, starting over new life and career in the midlife without support in different corners of the world. If you are interested in personal recommendations, please contact me via the contact form, and I will provide contact with my current or former clients.

Through my work, I'm supporting others who need help with emotional balance, stress management and career restart.
Nature has holistic resources for all of us, and we can only be successful when we are in balance and have peace within our hearts.

With Love, Gratitude and Healing Vibes,


RBFP, (Registered Bach Foundation Practitioner)
Certified Stress Management Coach with Cognitive Direction,
M.Sc. in Supply Chain Food Quality Control
and for internationals:
Registered Corporate Expat Spouse Support at SIRVA

Back to the natural state of balance

with Marina Malmberg in English, Russian & Swedish online

RBFP, Registered Bach Flower Practitioner certified Stress Management Coach M.Sc. in Food Quality Control

Bach Flower Therapy ONLINE

Bach Flower Therapy ONLINE
I provide online Bach Flower therapy that has amazed me with exceptional results I have seen through the years working with different modalities of stress management.

I offer non-judgmental consultation matching your current emotional state with the relevant Bach Flower Essences, that activate the positive aspect you strive to achieve.

Bach Flower Essences help us to restore energy, gain lost courage and confidence. They help us to heal post trauma or shock and find harmony within. For people who work hard with no rest, Bach Flower Essences help to relax, restore energy and find strength in the moments when challenges feel unbearable. These beautiful essences help us to go through any transition, physical or emotional, find our true professional calling and release fears that block our confidence and courage to follow the heart.

Bach Flower Essences can be mixed in nearly 293 million combinations, matched individually to your unique personality, situation and emotions.

Bach Flower Therapy session in English, Russian & Swedish

Online sessions

I offer Bach Flower Therapy as an online video session, sustainable for our planet in your preferred language out of three: English, Russian and Swedish. Therapy session lasts one hour, and if you feel you need extra time, and it fit's my schedule, if not booked in advance, additional 30 min is possible for additional charge.

Online consultation via secure online conference platform is easy to have via smartphone or iPhone, smartphone, computer, tablet or iPad via my private conference line, where you won't be distrusted by any digital buzz.

In-person Sessions at Hälsanshus in Alnarp or Lund

On demand in-person sessions and available in two locations of your choice. Those sessions are slightly more expensive as they cost me extra to perform and are subject to availability of the therapy rooms: please book well in advance as it can be longer waiting time and a strictly limited to one hour and can be rescheduled with 50% of ordinary price charge.

Your First Session with me

The first consultation lasts one hour online or in-person.

Follow up session or additional time

The follow-up session can be 30 min if you provide clear picture of your feelings and have a feedback ready. it will help me to evaluate a new individual Bach Flower combination quickly. Some people require more time and it's totally fine and you have a right to choose what time you need as long as you provide a clear picture of your emotional state.
Make sure you book the right time slot for your consultation.

How to book a session

To book a session with me you need:

1. Confirm the exact time with me, can be done via "Contact Me" page on my website, here is a link: Contact me 
Please, submit your booking request via CONTACT ME form on this website and allow me 24 hours to come back to you and I will confirm the time with you over the phone or mail and mail you an invoice that has to be paid before the session.

2. Pay the session in advance via PayPal, alternatively direct bank transfer to my bank account that shall be confirmed by a quality pdf copy from your Internet bank or when payment is received. For Sweden only Swish payment can be done in the beginning of the session as latest. Unpaid sessions or no show sessions are the subject to full payment if you have not been in a emergency situation that has to be proven. I strive to help as much people as possible and value my time i can use for others who need help.

PRICE LIST valid until August, 1st 2019:


Bach Flower Therapy 60 min: 960.00 SEK (incl. 25% VAT) - without personal mix

Bach Flower Therapy 30 min:  480.00 SEK (incl. 25% VAT) - without personal mix

In-person session 60 min: 960.00 SEK plus therapy room booking charge

Six sessions cards are available with 20% discount, mailed to you after prepayment: 5760.00 SEK for the six hours of therapy

Individual Bach Flower Essences mix including one 30 ml glass dropper mixing bottle with pipette: 220.00 SEK (incl.25% VAT)

A new 30 ml bottle with a dropper 50.00 SEK incl. 25% VAT
Postage and packing costs calculated individually depending on the 

Children's under 16: 

Bach Flower Therapy 60 min: 500.00 SEK (incl. 25% VAT) - without personal mix

Bach Flower Therapy 30 min: 300.00 SEK (incl. 25% VAT) - without personal mix

Individual Bach Flower Essences mix including one 30 ml glass dropper mixing bottle with pipette: 220.00 SEK (incl.25% VAT)

Postage and packing costs calculated individually depending on the 

Beautiful gift vouchers are available! Can be posted to the address you provide within 24 hrs from your payment is received.

Unemployed, full time students and Bach Flower Practitioner Trainee students studying at the Bach Center: 10% off all prices, can be combines with other discounts :) - have to be confirmed by providing a copy stating your special status.

What is a Bach Flower Essence?

Bach Flower Essences are entirely safe for people, children of all ages including babies, pets, wild animals and plants. You can't overdose Bach Flower Essences as they belong to energetic medicine, unlike pharma drugs. This means there is no high concentration nor chemicals that can be toxic or overdosed or can cause addiction.

Bach Flower Essences can be used for a prolonged period or during especially challenging life situations, It can be fear of exams or public speaking, dealing with bad news, job change, loss, divorce, grief or a relocation. Those are just a few examples.
Bach Flower Essences are classified as food supplements.

A note on alcohol

Healing Herbs range of Bach Flower Essences is preserved by alcohol: 40% eco-certified brandy that is diluted with water from a stock remedy. Your 30 ml dropper bottle with individually selected essences will contain 2 drops of each essence I bland in the mix, quality mineral water.

If you have religious concerns about this microdose of alcohol, please request guidance from your spiritual Teacher, and I can provide more detailed information about the flower essences quality.

This alcohol-free formula is suitable for pets and even babies. Just be aware each alcohol-free formula will contain micro-doses that are not detectable even through laboratory analyses: two drops of original stock remedy diluted by 30 ml water.

Confidentiality, GDRP and psychiatric diagnoses

Our consultation is strictly confidential and will not share any information with anyone unless I'm concerned about your personal safety or safety around you.

As a graduating student, I won't be able to work with you if you suffer from severe forms of depression or have other psychiatric diagnoses unless your GP or psychologist will approve our session and you will need to confirm it and share contact details to your healthcare provider before our first session. Bach Flowers are safe to mix with any medical, and they can't cause any treatment complications.

I fully comply to GDRP rules and take extra measures about confidentiality. Through our session, I am taking handwritten notes that are not on my computer. All records are coded the way only I am able to identify. I choose not to write on the bottle with the individual mix I prepare for you what essences are there: a person who knows the system or even just read about it, can make wrong assumptions about your emotional state. The bottle's label will include only your name, the date I mixed the essences for you: for example, Marina's Bach Flowers. The instructions on how to use the mix and what essences are in there you will know through our consultation, and I can mail it to you as well. From there it is your responsibility to keep your mail safe or delete it.

As a registered student at Bach Center in the UK, I am following Practitioners' Code of Conduct. That means that I follow all recommendations of the Center, that secure the quality of practitioners works. In compliance with the rules of the Bach Center, I store the notes about out session for seven years from the date of your visit. For the children, information is stored seven years from the moment a child turns eighteen.
Upon your request, I can post you the notes I have taken.

I don't have any mailing list yet and suggest you follow my Facebook page @Marinas BachFlowerTherapy, soon there will be updates on LinkedIn and Instagram. In this case of PM communication, the rest of the privacy covered by social media platforms.
If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to contact me on my contact page.

Consultation for children under sixteen

All consultation for children under sixteen I perform online or live in the presence of a parent. I keep safe the information about your child's visit for seven years since child turns eighteen. This is regulated by the Code of Practice.

Family consultations

Some families choose to disclose family dynamics and openly discuss challenges and feelings with each other and me. In this case, we agree upon it separately, and if it is your choice, we can have a more extended consultation for both partners or for example, parent and a child. Other constellations are possible yet rare, so please send your request via the contact form on this form, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

For more information, please read through F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions ) that will grow with the time.


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Natural answers for emotional balance.

Contact me

Please leave you name and family name, mobile number and e-post and I will contact you as soon as I can, thank you! Marina

  • Visiting address: Hälsohuset i Alnarp
  • Plantvägen 1, 23053 Alnarp
  • Pre-booked consultations only!



Is Bach Flower Therapy suitable for children?

Yes, absolutely. Bach Flower Essences are 100% safe, side effects free therapy that is very helpful for children of all ages from babies to young adults. According to the Code of Conduct at the Bach Center, a therapeutic session for children under sixteen is conducted in the presence of one parent. All notes are saved five years after a child turns eighteen, so as a child's guardian you can any time order a copy of the records I take through the session. For smaller children, you'll need to help them administrate their Bach Flower Essences drops intake from a mixing bottle four times a day for as long as the bottle lasts, usually for about three weeks.

Please feel free to contact me through the contact page on this website if you have any questions or need additional information and I will be back to you shortly with details.
Make sure you include your best mail address and a phone with international dial codes if you live outside of Sweden.

Does Bach Flowers work for pets?

Yes, of course, even horses or wild animals. The challenge will be to translate the emotional state of the animal and its personality into the language of Bach Flower Essences. If you are a conscious pet owner and know that your pet needs are met, but you see undesired behaviour, as, jealousy, manipulation, or known fear like car travel, fireworks it shall be easy to help your pet with Bach Flower Essences alcohol free formula.
However, in more complicated cases, I will be happy to discuss the matter of your pet with your animal behaviourist/psychologist as not always we as owners can understand in details stress of the animal correctly.
Please feel free to message me via the contact form and we can discuss your case.

Can I secretly give the Bach Flower Essences to my life partner or child without a session with you? I know they will benefit but may not be open to discuss their issues.

No, and even if you can order the essences you want to give to your relatives elsewhere, this is an unethical way to deal with their situation. The part of the therapy is understanding of the blocked or negative states of the essences that cause the emotional imbalance. No drops shall work without proper consultation with the Bach Flower Essences Practitioner as a person may not perceive it as a problem being too angry, manipulative or demonstrating other unpleasant emotions.
As we live on the planet of a free choice, the option of addressing the issue or not is up to each, not their relatives.

Confidentiality and GDPR

As a Swedish based business, we follow GDPR. While our website is under construction, I'll be updating it with more details about your data protection and how I collect and store your data.
I never share your data or information about you with any other third party. At the same time, the responsibility for your data protection shared on social media and digitally, even in private messages or emails, is partly in the hands of the media, Google if you mail my Gmail, Site123 digital platform that is hosting my website etc.
Without your permission, I never share any information about you. There is only one exception: if through our session you make me concern about your safety or safety of someone else around you, it is my obligation by the Code of Conduct I follow as a Bach Flower Essences Practitioner, to inform your doctor or social services.

When booking your first therapy sessions, you will have a handout with detailed information with all practical information about the upcoming session, so you have the right expectations.

You can read the whole version of the Code of Conduct below:
If you have any questions and concerns, you are very welcome to share them with me, and I will do my best to answer them.